My first fair day at the IAA : A MUBEA APPRENTICE REPORTS

Christin Stahl, commercial apprentice at the Attendorn location, tells us about her first experiences at one of the world’s biggest motor shows during her apprenticeship in the central Marketing department.

Mubea auf der IAA

1. IAA press day

My alarm goes off, and my first thought is: “The IAA, one of the biggest motor shows in the world, starts today. Such a great feeling that this event will be my very first visit to a trade fair, and it’s part of my apprenticeship at Mubea!”


After a 1.5-hour car journey full of anticipation about the time I would be spending at the IAA, I arrive on time at the exhibition center in Frankfurt.

Mubea auf der IAA - Messestand

As I’d already seen a lot of stand visualizations during my time in the Marketing department and had been intensively involved in the IAA preparations, I was naturally very excited to see what our stand would look like in real life.


When I walk into the hall, I get a real sense of pride as a Mubea employee, because I immediately see two large installations featuring the new Mubea design that are really attracting the attention of the visitors. Our stand is really impressive, with attractive visual elements that totally surpass all my expectations. After briefly inspecting (or should I say admiring) the stand, I’m greeted by my colleagues from Marketing, and we make the final preparations during a brief “calm before the storm”: We polish the products to a gleaming finish and distribute the prepared name badges to all the employees as they arrive.

“It’s amazing to see how the Mubea employees from all over the world come together and discuss the latest innovations in a wide variety of languages. In situations like this, you start to appreciate that Mubea is represented everywhere.”

Mubea auf der IAA - am Messestand

After the management briefing to the stand personnel, the “gong” reverberates through the halls of the exhibition center at precisely 8:00 a.m., signaling the start of the first show day.


Our marketing team’s job is to greet the guests, put people in touch with the right contacts, and hand out the literature as needed. The visitors are particularly interested in our carbon fiber products and the Mubea Performance Wheels.

Mubea auf der IAA - Mittagspause

I’m particularly pleased that during my time at the IAA, I’m learning so many interesting things about Mubea and meeting lots of great new people. For example, some of our Asian colleagues taught me a little about their respective cultures. Despite all our efforts and exertion during the show days, we also have lots of time to laugh: fantastic teamwork makes things so much easier.


After a long day, involving countless discussions and tours of our stand, as well as a successful search for contacts, I finally climb into my comfortable hotel bed, thoroughly exhausted.

Mubea auf der IAA - geschafft

With the announcement “Ladies and gentlemen, in a few minutes, the IAA will be closing its doors for today” on the fourth show day at 7:00 p.m., my time at the IAA comes to an end too. I drive home with mixed feelings. I’m happy that I’m returning to familiar surroundings after a few strenuous days, but a little wistful because I had such a great time at the IAA with lots of new impressions, experiences, discoveries, and personal encounters—all in all, a truly rewarding first trade fair visit for me!


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