Mubea Rohrwellen bieten kosteneffizienten Leichtbau für höchste Funktionsansprüche.

Cost-effective lightweight construction to meet the highest functional demands

Tubular Shafts

  • Maximum weight reduction while meeting all fatigue strength, installation space, and functional requirements
  • Operationally robust lightweight design: optimal combination of materials, geometry, and production technology to enhance performance and strength
  • Reduced use of materials (tubing, cold extruded parts) combined with innovative production technologies (precision forging, spline pressing, centerless grinding)

Drive shafts: Lightweight construction meets design :

-40 %
Gewichtsreduzierung Waage

Weight savings of up to 40 percent compared with conventionally manufactured drive shafts, and a high degree of design flexibility.


Our drive shafts are installed in automatic and manual transmissions as well as in angular gearboxes for all-wheel drive vehicles. By combining different manufacturing processes, complex product geometries can be realized in the form of lightweight hollow shafts.

Thin walled shafts to meet the highest functional demands in cost-effective lightweight construction : Drive shafts: intermediate and half shafts

Mubea Antriebswellen übertragen höchste Drehmomente im Antriebsstrang von Fahrzeugen und werden als gewichtsoptimierte Hohlwelle auf die Kundenvorgaben für Betriebsfestigkeit ausgelegt.

Our drive shafts transfer maximum torques in vehicle drivetrains and are designed as lightweight hollow shafts to meet customer specifications for operational strength.


We use tube materials mostly from our own tube production facilities. In order to manufacture the shafts so that they are ready for installation, we perform assembly operations for bearings, circlip retaining rings, sealing rings, and so on.

Innovative concept to connect the shaft and rotor package : Lightweight rotor shafts meet the highest customer requirements


Our rotor shafts are installed in vehicles with hybrid and purely electric drives. In addition to the conventional design and production of rotor shafts in the form of hollow shafts, Mubea has developed an innovative concept to connect the shaft and rotor package.



  • Cost-effective assembly process
  • Increased power density thanks to reliable torque transmission up to higher speeds
  • Integration of coolant supply

Where our tubular shafts are developed and manufactured : Locations