Mubea Tellerfedern kombinieren hohe Federkräfte mit kleinsten Einbauräumen und werden in den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen eingesetzt.


Mubea disc springs

Disc springs provide high spring forces while requiring only a small installation space. One of their advantages is the increase in spring forces and deflections thanks to the different layering of the individual springs in spring stacks. The fact that the load/deflection curve can be influenced in many areas by continuously adjusting the component geometry is also a big plus.

Application areas for our disc springs : HUGE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS

Tellerfedern Anwendungsgebiete

Mubea disc springs are used in many different areas—for example:

  • Safety valves for oil production equipment in deep-sea waters
  • Industrial and plant engineering: valves, brakes, etc.
  • Satellites

Mubea: your development partner : OPTIMAL DESIGN

Tellerfedern - Ihr Entwicklungspartner

We work with you to optimize disc springs for your specific requirements

The dimensions can be custom designed and may deviate from DIN EN 16983. To help us develop the best spring solution, we have:

  • Efficient design programs
  • FEM calculations
  • Material analyses
  • Residual stress measurements
  • Corrosion tests in our own laboratory

10x longer life: generation II in mass production

Disc springs according to standards : EFFICIENT STANDARD SOLUTIONS

Tellerfedern nach Norm

Disc springs according to DIN EN 16983 and our own factory standard are available from stock in sizes from 8 mm to 900 mm outside diameter.

Customer-specific disc springs cover a range from 8 to 900 mm. Our manufacturing includes all process steps including tool production. This ensures our high product quality and delivery flexibility. A portion of the raw material used is supplied from Mubea’s own cold rolling mill. Compared to DIN EN 16983, our disc springs significantly exceed the service life specifications for dynamic loads because we use shot peening as the standard process for springs that have a material thickness over 0.6 mm.

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