Mubea Stabilisatorsystem

Tailored as a system to suit the mounting space and load case

Stabilizer Systems

We achieve the best possible solutions in design and manufacture for the complete stabilizer system, tailored to our customers' requirements and mounting space:


  • Lightweight tubular stabilizer bars 
  • Solid stabilizer bars
  • Special technologies for increasing demands
  • Independent development, production, and assembly of stabilizer bar add-ons (supports, rubber bushings, and stabilizer bar links)


Vertical integration of the value chain and our global presence guarantee maximum flexibility and design freedom.

Mubea ThinWall Tube Stabilizer Bar (TWT) : ThinWall Tube Stabilizer Bars

Dünnwandige Präzisionsstahlrohre und Fertigungstechnologien für Leichtbau-Stabilisatoren

Precision steel tubes with thin walls and production technologies for lightweight stabilizer bars

Using tubes with thin walls paves the way for significant weight reduction. Thanks to advanced design methods and optimized manufacturing processes to meet the highest demands, we achieve weight savings of up to 20 percent compared with conventional tubes – and even as much as 50 percent compared with solid bars. 

Mubea Tailored Tube (MTT) Stabilizer Bar with variable wall thickness : Tubular Stabilizer Bars

-60 %
Mubea Rohrstabilisatoren nutzen das Material optimal aus und erzielen damit eine Gewichtsreduzierung

Up to 60 percent weight reduction thanks to optimized material utilization compared with a solid stabilizer bar


For our MTT stabilizer bars, we use tubes with a constant outer diameter and variable wall thicknesses. Automated design optimization and the innovative primary material process make it possible to produce wall thickness gradients that avoid superfluous material in areas subject to low stress. 

Mubea CFRP Stabilizer Bar : Material innovation

-50 %
Gewichtsreduzierung durch innovative Stabilisatorlösung

Using the high performance material CFRP reduces weight by 50 percent compared with tubular stabilizer bars made of steel.


Carbon fiber composite stabilizer bars from Mubea are manufactured in large series runs by means of a highly automated production process. The stabilizer bar can be designed so that the component features variable diameters and cross sections.

Mubea Adhesion Technology (MAT) : Stabilizer system

MAT Lösung: Verbindung von Elastomerlager mit der beschichteten Oberfläche des Stabilisators.

A robust stabilizer system that is ready for mounting with post-vulcanized elastomeric bushings

The MAT solution is a safe-process, physicochemical bond between the elastomeric bushing and the coated surface of the stabilizer bar. In this way, we avoid the bushing and the stabilizer bar moving relative to one another, thus preventing abrasive wear of the surface and the production of noise.


In combination with the supports we produce in house, this results in a robust overall system that we develop and manufacture under one roof. 

Where our stabilizer systems are developed and manufactured : Locations