What we offer recent graduates : Weißensee

Our Weissensee location provides both technical/vocational and commercial apprenticeships.

Schuelerseite es erwarten dich tolle Benefits

What you can expect:

  • Valuable experience in a variety of areas and departments
  • Guidance in identifying your interests and strengths
  • High-quality apprenticeship with multiple certifications
  • Individual support with in-plant training, exam preparation courses, and targeted specialist training

Your apprenticeship and study options : Technically inclined?! Knack for organization?!

Are you interested in the latest technologies and modern production facilities? Our training team at the Weissensee location is looking forward to familiarizing you with all the necessary technologies. With an area of over 700 m², Mubea’s own training workshop is the ideal place.

Industrial mechanic : MY DREAM JOB

Industriemechaniker/in bei Mubea

In 3 years you will cover:

  • Manufacturing and installation of components, modular elements and tools
  • Conventional and CNC machining technology
  • Maintenance: finding, isolating, and rectifying errors on machines for industrial production
  • Differentiating between and utilizing materials and consumables
  • Control engineering: Construction of pneumatic and hydraulic controls
  • Additional skills in welding processes, robotics, and English

Mechatronic : MY DREAM JOB

Mechatroniker/in bei Mubea

​​​​​​​In 3.5 years you will cover:

  • DC and AC technology
  • Electronics and semiconductor technology
  • Digital technologies and programming of control systems
  • Drive technology
  • Electrical and pneumatic control technologies
  • Skills in metal processing and parts manufacturing
  • Joining technologies and welding processes
  • Conventional and CNC machining technology
  • Mechanical machining of components
  • Installation of complex machines

Tool and die maker : MY DREAM JOB

Werkzeugmechaniker bei Mubea

In 3.5 years you will cover:

  • Ability to work with various machines and tools while following all safety procedures
  • Conventional and CNC machining technology
  • Constructing and assembling machines or mechanical components according to their specific requirements
  • Checking machines, motors, transmissions, etc. and carrying out diagnostic tests to identify functional problems
  • Differentiating between and utilizing materials and consumables
  • Thorough servicing of machines, equipment, and systems
  • Specialization in machine, press, punching machine, and fixture construction
  • Additional skills in welding processes, robotics, and English

Three steps to your dream job : TECHNICAL APPRENTICESHIPS

Commercial apprenticeships : Diversity and responsibility

Do you have a knack for organization and an interest in IT systems, and is communication one of your strengths? With structured training in a wide variety of topics and the expert knowledge provided by our specialist departments, you will soon be able to formulate the best solutions independently. Our modern offices and ergonomic workstations help create a pleasant atmosphere.

Kaufmaennische Ausbildungsberufe bei Mubea
  • Get to know the different departments and working areas
  • “The Mubea Way”: our corporate culture and values as a basis for dealing with colleagues, customers, and suppliers
  • Preparation for international duties
  • A large number of further training options alongside the apprenticeship—e.g., English tuition to strengthen language skills
  • Independent project tasks
  • In-plant training to reinforce course content

Warehouse logistics specialist : MY DREAM JOB

Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik

In 2 years you will cover:

  • Retrieval and preparation of orders, while maintaining an organized dispatch and reception area
  • Processing incoming and outgoing consignments
  • Pallet loading and unloading
  • Packing transport containers and/or product bags
  • Verification of inventory count
  • Tracking orders and documenting products
  • Ability to use a wide variety of warehouse equipment—e.g., lifting platforms and fork lifts

Get a taste of day-to-day working life: apply for a student internship and find out which career is right for you

Are you a recent graduates seeking professional experience to launch a fulfilling career? Then an internship at Mubea is just the thing for you. Here you will gain insights on a variety of professional fields, take on projects independently, and work alongside our apprentices. We offer internships in the same professions for which we offer apprenticeships at Mubea.

What you can expect in Weißensee : LOCATION BENEFITS

Werk Weißensee
  • Bike leasing
  • Free drinks and fruit
  • Healthcare
  • Flexible working hours
  • International projects
  • Leadership development programs
  • Language tuition