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For lightweight construction applications subject to dynamic high stress

Mubea Precision Steel Tubes

Mubea is a leading manufacturer of welded and drawn precision steel tubes for demanding applications in the automotive industry, the furniture industry, store fitting, radiators and the machine industry.

Diversity in precision

The foundation for the high standard of our steel tubes is laid by pioneering technologies, flanked by a high level of materials expertise and strict quality inspections. Because your requirements are our incentive to find the best solution together.


Mubea Precision Steel Tubes develops precision steel tubes for applications in the automotive, furniture and building services industries. Innovative strength in engineering, modern process technologies and know-how enable technology partnerships that give customers the edge in the market.

Our competencies : Mubea Precision Steel Tubes


Technology partnership

Joint paths bring strong results. You define the requirements, we create the solutions. Let's combine our skills and strengths: experience, quality and expertise.


We support and accompany our customers as a long-term partner from the product idea through to series delivery. 

By efficiently linking our engineering and materials expertise with production and logistics processes, we focus specifically on customer requirements. 


The foundation for successful solutions and product innovations lies in our own process and tool development. 

As part of our process support, we coordinate cooperation between suppliers and partners. Long-term partnerships and dialog play a central role in this. 


Material expertise

Steel is a fascinating material - robust and malleable at the same time. Both the material composition and the versatile manufacturing processes are decisive for our quality tubes.


The unique material expertise in plastics and steel under one roof represents know-how for the future and positions Mubea Präzisionsstahlrohr AG as the perfect technology partner.


Successful use of the high-strength grade 40MnCrB5 in series production

A long-standing customer approached us with a special challenge for a tube section as a carrier tube that was used as part of a camshaft with cylinder deactivation: In addition to high demands on dimensional precision, the customer expected a tube with high strength and hardenability as well as high wall thickness including wall reduction on one side.


To meet the high strength and hardenability requirements, we were able to develop a high-strength grade 40MnCrB5 for this application in collaboration with our pre-material suppliers.

Thanks to the good cooperation, we were able to develop the mechanical properties required by the customer for a specific customer requirement and thus develop and implement geometric requirements for series production.


Process readiness

Our processes are based on four core competencies: welding, heat treatment, drawing and processing.


We shape steel strip into various tube dimensions with energy and precision. We use high frequency to weld strip edges into a perfect whole. 


Comprehensive process and material expertise is crucial, especially when processing high-strength materials. Annealing creates a homogeneous material structure and serves as an optimal prerequisite for subsequent processing steps. The required product properties are achieved in a protective gas atmosphere using five-zone annealing furnaces. Drawing is a controlled test of strength between tool and material. The tubes are formed into complex shapes using individual processes. 


Thanks to in-house tool development, the most precise dimensional accuracy and maximum variety of shapes are achieved. 


Modern tube processing centers with numerous measuring options enable high-quality processing that is adapted to individual customer requirements.



The automotive industry is changing. The demand to reduce CO2 emissions in order to improve air quality and protect the environment is leading to new requirements with regard to the lightweight construction of automobiles.


Lightweight construction, as a synonym for weight or mass reduction in vehicles, is one of the greatest challenges for automobile manufacturers and suppliers. Mubea Präzisionsstahlrohr AG offers new possibilities with high-strength materials. 


By using air hardeners or heat-treatable materials, parts and components can be made lighter while retaining their physical properties. 


Optimized engineering of the tubes increases production efficiency and reduces overall production costs (total cost reduction).

Our tube products in the furniture sector : Non-automotive applications

Verchromte Rohre

Chrome-platable tubes

The chrome-platable tubes from Mubea Präzisionsstahlrohr AG have added functional value thanks to their fine surfaces. These facilitate subsequent chrome plating, which makes the tube more resistant to environmental influences and therefore more durable. In addition, the refined surface shines and thus completes the aesthetics of every piece of furniture.


Tubing requirements:

  • individually selectable dimensions and shapes
  • high dimensional and shape accuracy, individually coordinated shape and position tolerances
  • customized design
  • highest surface quality for direct chrome plating (roughness value < Ra 0.3)
  • minimized surface imperfections (adhesions, scratches, dents,...)
  • perfect flatness in the surfaces for a flawless mirror image

Lifting columns

Thanks to lifting columns, furniture can be conveniently adjusted in height and thus adapted to individual ergonomic requirements. The telescoping capability places special demands on the steel tubes, as the stepless and noiseless lifting and lowering of hospital beds or office desks can only be achieved with the tightest manufacturing tolerances, different wall thicknesses and uniform surface treatment. Mubea produces tubes that meet these requirements.


Tube requirements:

  • individually selectable dimensions and shapes
  • high dimensional and shape accuracy, customized shape and position tolerances
  • customized design of the corner radii
  • high and consistent surface quality
  • minimized surface imperfections (adhesions, scratches, dents,...)
  • perfect flatness in the surfaces for optimum height adjustability
  • good sliding properties

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Our Tube products in the building services sector : Non-automotive applications



Compared to traditional joining methods, cold pressing of Tube connections has a number of advantages in terms of application. Fitters appreciate the fast, convenient and safe processing, which can also be carried out economically in hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the wide range of Tube dimensions available gives fitting manufacturers and end customers maximum flexibility to offer and implement customized solutions.


Tube requirements:

  • excellent formability
  • homogeneous strength and elongation
  • minimized variations in wall thickness
  • very good weld seam quality
  • homogeneous, fine-grained microstructure in weld seam and base material
  • excellent weldability
  • outstanding surface condition (inside and outside)
  • minimized surface imperfections (adhesions, scratches, dents,...)


The tightest tolerances and homogeneous mechanical properties allow manufacturers maximum design freedom and guarantee productivity and reproducibility of the various manufacturing processes. In addition to the relevant painting processes, radiator tubes from Mubea have also proven themselves for direct chrome plating in particular. For the end customer, this means a robust, durable product with optimum surface properties.


Tube requirements:

  • good forming behavior
  • very good weld seam quality
  • homogeneous structure in weld seam and base material
  • excellent weldability
  • good joining behavior (welding/soldering)
  • minimized variations in wall thickness and external dimensions
  • excellent surface condition
  • good chrome plating and paintability
  • minimized surface imperfections (adhesions, scratches, dents,...)

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We manufacture our precision steel tubes in these dimensions : Our range of dimensions

 Mubea Präzisionsstahlrohre

We supply precision steel tubes in dimensions ranging from 15 to 90 mm Ad and 1-8 mm wall thickness. 

This is where our precision steel tubes are developed and produced : Our locations


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