Mubea's total emissions in 2019 of around 2.760.000 mt were equal to roughly the European average emission per head of 340.000 individuals. 

Therefore, we at Mubea are committed to reduce our emissions by at least 25% by 2025!

However, this is only the first step!

As basic principle, we follow the approach to avoid, reduce and eliminate carbon dioxide emissions wherever possible. On top of that we strive to become climate neutral in 2035! 

We aim to reach this goal without utilizing non-transparent compensation payments, but instead focus on actually eliminating of the root cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our sustainability measures :

Current and future projects :

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Mubea’s efforts in sustainability started more than ten years ago with our Mubea energy efficiency programme (MEEP), by reducing our overall energy consumption. One present example is our LED initiative:

Currently, we are modernizing a total area of around 325,000 sqm by the end of 2023 with new LED lights, a surface like 45 soccer fields.

The replacement of the lighting will save more than 50 % compared to the old lighting system. After finalizing the implementation, we will save around 5,200 mt CO2 per year!



What does it mean in detail?

Putting the focus on our Mubea site in Weissensee/ Germany

By replacing fluorescent tubes with low-consumption LED lighting, we now save at least 325,752 kWh of electricity annually.

This leads to a CO2 reduction of -184 tons per year (according to an energy analysis by EWBi Ingenieurgesellschaft).

The sustainability efforts of Mubea Fahrwerksfedern GmbH at the Weissensee site have been supported by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).

-25 %

less CO2 emmisions until 2025

50 mio €

invest into sustainability

5 Pillars

of sustainability

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Moreover, we monitor closely any leakages of compressed air to avoid using more energy than actually needed. Furthermore, we launched projects to recover heat energy and to implement cooling water recirculation in our specific production lines.

Of course, sustainability is not only a matter of how we manage the available energy, but also where the energy comes from. Since 2022 we purchase green electricity at many Mubea locations.

Besides that, we aim for self-generation of electricity in wind and solar parks. These sustainable energy projects will be realized through an investment of more than 50 million Euro until the year 2025.

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By doing so, we will reach a saving of -65% of CO2 emissions in scope 1 and 2 (please see scope explanation in the visual above).

It needs to be outlined, that 80% of Mubea’s emissions are caused in scope 3, in buying external goods and services. Considering all three scopes Mubea is striving to reach a total emission saving of -25% by the year 2025.

Significant portions of Mubea’s corporate emissions originate in burning gas. Hence, our mid-term goal is the successive electrification.

Non-electrifiable processes will be powered by green hydrogen in the future.

“Mubea sets an ambitious goal in the transformation towards decarbonization. Therefore, we do not strive only for a cradle to gate neutrality ,but on top of that to become climate neutral by 2035.”

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On top of lightweight products, which contribute to saving resources, we already evaluate today the possibilities of circular supply chains and green steel purchasing for an even more reduced carbon backpack.

If we can realize buying green steel, we will be able to save a huge bunch of emissions as the purchased goods and services cause the greatest portion of Mubea’s CO2 emissions.

Only after all options of avoidance and reduction have been exhausted, we will go one step further and offset the remaining: by actively working on carbon dioxide removal (CDR), we intend to invest in sustainable reforestation, renaturation of moors, carbon captures and storages.

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Sustainability is multilayered and at the same time represents the foundations of our corporate strategy for a future worth living. Our aim is to be climate neutral by 2035 and pioneer the automotive industry with our innovative and lightweight products.

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Where Mubea is concerned, there are numerous awards and certificates that underscore the high demands we place on our employees, operations, product quality, service, and suppliers.

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Company values

Our company values drive our customer's benefits.

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Lightweight products reduce CO2 emissions. We promote our latest innovations in terms of light weight, functional improvement and part integration.

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