Mubea Achsfedern bieten robuste Leichtbaulösungen für kundenspezifische Anforderungen.

Maximum tension

Mubea Coil Spring Systems

So that we can implement your specific requirements, we have modified the conventional manufacturing process for coil springs. Thanks to the high-performance process (HPP), we can apply high residual compressive stresses to deep surface layers. This results in lightweight springs with increased dynamic strength:


  • Tension-optimized design
  • High-tensile steels with corrosion inhibiting properties
  • Various coating systems
  • Optimum design and assembly and/or joining of the spring pads

Mubea Light & Robust (MLR) :

- 15 %
Gewichtsreduzierung Waage

Weight reductions of up to 15 percent combined with increased robustness

The MLR (Mubea Light & Robust) coil spring system provides a weight reduction of up to 15 percent compared with standard applications, while also increasing robustness. With our innovation module, we can create a system tailored to your requirements. 

Coil spring wire with properties to suit specific requirements :

In-house-Fertigung und -Veredelung vom Walzdraht zum beanspruchungsoptimierten Achsfederdraht

In house production and finishing to produce load-optimized coil spring wire from wire rods 

By subjecting microalloyed coil spring wire to induction tempering and optional additional processes, such as surface grinding (HPP2) or surface layer hardening (SLM), we significantly increase the durability of the coil spring.


The in house production of coil spring wire at numerous sites around the world guarantees a high degree of flexibility and offers maximum freedom in terms of spring design.

Mubea DuraConnect | Coil spring support composite system :

Innovative Beschichtungssysteme für höchstbeanspruchte leichte und robuste Achsfedern

Effective protection for end coils against field-relevant damage (abrasion and corrosion)

DuraConnect is our name for the material-specific bond between the coil spring and the spring pad, which prevents the coating from being damaged by abrasive particles (sand, stones, dirt, salt). The spring pad is tailored to suit the geometry of the end coils.


We offer system development (spring–spring pad) and assembly from a single source, which allows us to reduce our customers’ development, purchasing, and logistics costs.

Mubea Tailored Coatings (MTC) | Coating systems for coil springs :


Innovative coating systems for lightweight and robust coil springs that are subject to high stresses

In accordance with customer requirements, we offer solutions for the effective protection of the spring body against many different environmental factors, such as salt, dirt, and chipping. Our epoxy powder coating systems can be applied as single-layer or double-layer coatings.


By offering different coating thicknesses and structures, we are able to take into account our customers’ increased requirements for resistance to stone chipping and corrosion.

Where our coil spring systems are developed and manufactured : Locations