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Valve springs and technical compression springs

Engine valve springs are one of the most sophisticated compression springs there are, given the high dynamic stress and permanently high load cycles to which they are exposed. Mubea valve springs are used in passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles as well as motorcycles.

Based on this strong fundament the business unit extended the activities over the last years towards technically demanding small compression springs in injection pumps and transmission applications.

Additionally, Mubea widened its product portfolio towards springs for industrial applications.


What we offer:

  • Global development and production presence
  • Innovative production processes for highly stressed springs
  • Excellent spring design and validation expertise at various locations worldwide
  • In house valve spring wire production

We focus on the development and manufacture of operation-optimized valve springs that, due to loads that are as low as possible, cause little friction in the valve train and require only minimal installation space. Depending on the application, we use our production technologies to achieve tailored fatigue strength for high or low stress cycles.

Today, we are the world’s largest supplier of valve springs : WE HAVE BEEN DEVELOPING AND PRODUCING ENGINE VALVE SPRINGS SINCE 1955

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We are the world’s largest supplier of valve springs for light vehicles : NEW SOLUTIONS

Ventilfedern für PKW

In recent decades, we have worked with our customers to develop numerous technical innovations. In addition to comparatively simple valve designs, we regularly use our engineering know-how to create new solutions. Gasoline engines with speed thresholds over 8,000 rpm are especially challenging when it comes to the design, material, and manufacture of a valve spring.


We optimize the following areas: 

  • Operation
  • Installation space
  • Spring loads and the associated valve train friction


The optimal spring design can be proposed in the development phase, based on calculations and simulation. As development progresses, we use our measuring technology to offer extensive options for verifying the operation of springs and valve trains.

Our portfolio has included valve springs for heavy commercial vehicles for 20 years : MAXIMUM RELIABILITY

Ventilfedern für LKW

The spring dimensions for valve springs in passenger cars differ substantially from those in heavy commercial vehicles. Naturally, this application also requires maximum reliability in order to guarantee the very high engine durability of over 500,000 km.


 We optimize the following areas:

  • Operation
  • Installation space

Valve springs for motorcycles: our response to a customer request : HIGHEST NUMBER OF REVOLUTIONS

Ventilfedern für Motorräder

When it comes to motorcycles, the challenge is to ensure operation and fatigue strength for speeds up to 14,000 rpm. Our solution: the speed-resistant design and optimization of our production engineering to increase durability. Since 2018, these springs have been in series production with more projects to come.


We optimize the following areas:

  • Operation
  • Durability

Over 10 years of experience in springs for gasoline injection pumps that are optimized for transverse forces : REDUCED TRANSVERSE FORCES

Ventilfedern für Benzineinspritzpumpen

If the transverse forces in springs for gasoline injection pumps are too high, they can cause substantial wear on pump pistons or guides and even result in blocked pistons.


To reduce transverse forces on the springs, we have optimized the design of the spring. We established full transverse force and spring geometry testing in series production to meet the high customer requirements for injection pump springs. We have also introduced laser marking for the clear and error-free identification of the springs during installation in the test equipment. In 2018, we brought the first springs for a diesel injection pump to series production.


We optimize the following areas:

  • Spring transverse force
  • Full testing of spring transverse force and identification by means of laser marking

Our product portfolio is continuing to grow: compression springs for transmission applications : A NEW CHALLENGE

Ventilfedern für Schwungräder

Since 2018, we have also produced compression springs for transmission applications such as dual mass flywheels and torque converters. The springs in transmission applications present different challenges with regard to durability. That is why we have adapted the heat treatment and shot peening for this application.


We optimize the following areas:

  • Durability for short operating times with extremely high loads
  • Full testing of spring force, spring rate and spring length

Where our valve springs and compression springs are developed and manufactured : Locations