Opening up horizons with fruit trees : Successful projects all around the world

In November 2017, “Mubea helps” launched a major project in Malawi. It aims to improve the circumstances of young parents for the long term within four years.

Mubea hilft in Malawi

63,500 euros to help others help themselves

Supporting 4,500 people in Malawi

Eastern Africa is currently experiencing its worst drought in decades. Threatened by famine, millions of people are struggling to survive. Malawi too is afflicted by poverty and hunger. Eighty percent of the population make their living from agriculture, but the lengthy dry periods in large parts of the country and heavy rainfall in other regions are leading to severe crop failures. As a result, approximately 8.5 million people are reliant on aid.


Together with the German nonprofit organization Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e. V., we supported young parents in 25 villages in the Mangochi and Dedza districts. To support the 4,500 residents, we took a “help them to help themselves” approach, which involves:

  • Teaching farming methods
  • Building irrigation systems
  • Cultivating crops
  • Processing produce and taking it to market
  • Small animal husbandry
  • Training in health and hygiene

Until 2019, Mubea helps has funded the implementation of these measures through donations totaling 63,500 euros.

Mubea’s aid projects in Haiti : Our help is making an impact

In cooperation with German aid organization Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e. V., we brought four projects to a successful conclusion in six years. As a result, 1,500 families in the rural region of Marigot received critical help toward a better, independent future.

Mubea hilft in Haiti

Mango trees for the future

Improved living conditions and earning potential of 1,000 families

Thanks to training, the inhabitants are now able to sell, process, and properly store home-grown fruit and other agricultural products. The new trees offer protection against erosion and tornadoes. They also provide fruit to sell as well as timber and firewood.


We have achieved all this together:

  • 247,797 euros donated by Mubea
  • 7,812 kilograms of fruit processed on 241 production days
  • Construction and commissioning of a workshop with three mills
  • 1,000 women trained in manual processing and storage techniques for fruit
  • Establishment of four fruit tree nurseries with a yield of 57,951 saplings
Mubea hilft in Haiti - Zisternenbau

Supplying water to 50 families

Support from Mubea totals 36,000 euros

Thanks to the construction of cisterns, remote villages in the Ka Batis district have access to drinking water and are able to treat collected rainwater.


We have achieved all this together:

  • Containers for collecting rainwater installed in eight villages
  • Storage capacity for 113,562 liters of water in the dry season
  • Improvement in living conditions for around 200 families
Mubea hilft in Haiti - Frauengruppen

A better future in Grand-Goâve, Haiti

Income for women and the reconstruction of a school

Our donation of 167,140 euros has provided the foundations for a better future in Grand-Goâve.


In addition to building and using a training center and creating a kitchen garden for the women’s groups, we have also contributed to the construction and provision of equipment for a school, including a school garden. We have helped to furnish seven classrooms and a sanitary block.


The success speaks for itself: we are making it possible for more than 120 children to go to school and learn in an appropriate environment.

Aid projects at Mubea locations

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