Mubea Aviation GmbH

Strategic expansion of Mubea’s competences


Mubea Aviation GmbH manufactures components and modular elements for the aviation industry.


The company works steel, aluminum, titanium, and plastics using metal forming, machining, surface treatment and assembly processes.

Aviation : Wide portfolio of cutting-edge technologies

Mubea Aviation GmbH

Mubea Aviation GmbH is an accredited systems supplier to the global aviation industry.

We manufacture complex stamped, formed, and drawn components from fine steel, aluminum, and titanium alloys in both single piece and series production. 


Our product portfolio includes:

  • Complex deep drawn parts
  • Intricate machined parts – blank contour cuts
  • Surface protection by means of fully automatic coating processes
  • Sophisticated riveted assemblies and assembly modules 

Where our Mubea Aviation GmbH products are developed and manufactured : Locations