Mubea Aviation GmbH

Strategic expansion of Mubea’s competences


Mubea Aviation manufactures components, modular elements and assemblies for the aviation industry.


The company works steel, aluminum, and titanium using metal forming, machining, surface treatment and assembly processes. Furthermore composite components and assemblies are part of the portfolio processed in thermoset prepreg and RTM as well as thermoplastics.

Aviation : Wide portfolio of technologies

Mubea Aviation GmbH

Mubea Aviation GmbH is an accredited systems supplier to the global aviation industry.

We manufacture complex stamped, formed, and drawn components from fine steel, aluminum, and titanium alloys in both single piece and series production. 


Our product portfolio includes:

  • Complex deep drawn parts
  • Intricate machined parts – blank contour cuts
  • Surface protection by means of fully automatic coating processes
  • Sophisticated riveted assemblies and assembly modules 
Milling machine


Mubea Aviation uses a comprehensive range of high end machines to manufacture detailed parts and sub-assemblies

Our CNC driven machinery consists of modern, up to five-axis machining centres. This allows for an overall milling of aluminium plate material and formed sheet metal parts of aluminium, steel and titanium with the highest precision.

Forming part


We are one of the two large suppliers for the sharklet components for all SA airplanes.

Thanks to modern machines, such as the flexform press, we are able to produce complex formed components. We cover all forming processes from deep drawing, punching, pressing, hydro forming and bending, up to roll forming.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment

A controlled heat treatment process is used to alter the microstucture of metals to reinforce desired material behaviour

We do have heat treatment equipment, qualified by Nadcap, for solution annealing and artificial ageing of aluminium alloys, as well as for the hot calibration of titanium components.

Surface treatment

Testing and surface treatment

In surface treatment, we implement a modern, fully automatic machine for tartaric sulphuric acid anodising, complemented by automated spray coating machinery. Components with complex geometries or special applications can be processed manually

Mubea Aviation‘s major advantage is that, testing (NDT) and at the end of the process chain, the surface treatment is carried out in-house. These include tartaric sulphuric acid anodising, and the coating of components with primer and top coats, as well as special coats, i.e. BR 127.

Components Mubea aviation

Component assembly

A further Mubea Aviation core expertise is the assembly of complex rivet components. The inhouse production throughout the entire process chain, and our speed line capabilities can enable the fulfilment of short-term demands. With the production site in Turkey, Mubea Aviation can offer very competitive products and services in particular for applications with high demand of manhours. Skilled staff and an integrated quality management system secures top performance in both production sites.

Engineering Aviation


Mubea Aviation support its customers by design and engineering of composite and hybrid structural components and assemblies. Based on the latest CAx tools the entire digital twin process chain from design definition, material and process selection to manufacturing engineering are offered. Especially high rate production technologies derived from Mubea’s automotive serial supply expertise are in the focus of Mubea Aviations design principles.



Both thermoset and thermoplastic materials are processed to thin walled or hollow structural components. Several textile-preforming processes like Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP), sewing or braiding are used in combination with binder materials and processes. By resin infusion, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), and wet pressing the preforms are processed subsequently. Moreover, autoclave and non-autoclave prepreg curing as well as thermoplastic molding and injection molding are manufacturing technologies offered by Mubea Aviation. 

Where our Mubea Aviation products are developed and manufactured : Locations