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Innovation is in the Mubea DNA. 
With our innovations and our core competences, the development and production of innovative lightweight solutions, we strive to contribute to the success of vehicles for conventional and electrified drivetrains. Find out more about what is new at Mubea and how our latest innovations drive the change within the automotive industry.

In my almost 30 years at Mubea, innovations have always been the key driver of our activities and growth. "Always a step ahead!" is probably what we can call our drive for innovation.

- Dr.-Ing. Jörg Neubrand, CTO - Managing Director -

Mubea light and robust coil spring system

MLR (Mubea Light & Robust) Coil Spring System for BEV

The lightest possible spring within the smallest package!

Our customers receive a holistically computer-optimized coil spring system, which is designed for new requirements of electrified vehicles.
By enlarging our wire size range for lightweight technologies, we offer a weight reduction of up to 15 %  to the full scope of future mobility with a tailored coil spring system approach including robust NVH-optimized interfaces and environmentally friendly in-house wire production.


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Advanced Customized Stabilizer Bar System (MACS)

MACS is the perfect match to our customers' chassis requirements!

We offer engineering and manufacturing from one source. With our high level of vertical integration, we offer full performance from the steel strip to the final designed and manufactured tubular stabilizer system – including various chassis components! Our target is to offer MACS without cost-penalty, in particular by using MTT, integrated link or new link concepts. Thus, we can offer a cost-neutral weight saving of up to 20 %!


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MARD - Adaptive Stabilizer Bar System

Perceivable increase of driving dynamics without influencing driving comfort!

With our mechanical adaptive Anti-Roll-Bar with damping function (MARD), a perceivable increase of driving dynamics and steering behavior can be achieved with equally high vertical comfort at a third of the cost of a fully active system.


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Transversal Blade Spring

GFRP Transversal Blade Spring for new BEV-axles

Reduction of weight and gain of installation space for BEV applications!

For BEV, we have developed the transversal blade spring, which replaces multi-link-axles by integrating coil springs, stabilizer bars and links into one component. This results in a weight reduction of approximately 20 kg with no on-cost and frees up significant space for batteries!


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Aero wheel

Mubea Performance Wheels - H/C Aero

Full scope of premium wheels from one source!

Mubea offers a full range of High Performance Wheels from MPW-H to MPW-C, providing best in class lightweight and vehicle performance for BEVs. Due to the compaction of the alloy, Mubea Cast Forging (MCF) offers a significant weight advantage compared to conventional cast wheels. The compaction achieves up to 30 % higher material characteristics than with classic low-pressure casting. Thus, forged-equivalent product lifetimes are achieved without design restrictions. In addition, the MCF process enables an unique surface finish due to the material compression.


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Mubea Light Weight Seat

Lightweight Carbon Hybrid Seat

100 % designed and produced by Mubea!

This high-end performance seat brings along hybrid design in a carbon look, lightweight and competitive costs. Based on a new hybrid lightweight structure, the Mubea performance seat offers a weight reduction of approx. -30 % compared to current sport seats. Moreover, it offers a cost reduction compared to full carbon seat solutions. All comfort and safety components of series seats can be integrated.


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MCT Roof

Full Carbon Roof

Extraordinary weight savings in the upper part of the vehicle!

The full carbon roof offers a sporty appearance for exclusive vehicles. Due to the significant weight reduction, driving performance and, as a result, active safety can be considerably improved. On top: cost efficiency is strongly increased by advanced automated manufacturing processes.


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MCT Mirror


Carbon mirror housing made in innovative thermoplastic injection molding technology

Fiberject® by Mubea Carbo Tech is a cost-efficient process for the high-volume manufacturing of visible carbon parts with outstanding appearance in interior and exterior applications. Fiberject® components are characterized by high cost-efficiency and full recyclability. 


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Body Battery case products

Roll bonded cooling parts

Thanks to our system and technology know-how, this continuous hot rolling process allows Mubea to offer both high quality flat cold plates and complex shaped cooling components with significant cost savings of up to -20%.

The components have a high design flexibility and can be also manufactured from high-strength aluminum grades that enable a 100% recycling rate of our products.


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Front Bumper Beam TRB

TRB applications for BEVs

TRB front bumper

Our established TRB solutions make a significant contribution to improving function and weight in the body-in-white. With our extensive expertise in the design and production of safety-relevant components with variable wall thicknesses, we achieve significant weight and cost savings potential for electric vehicles.

The increased crash and safety requirements for BEVs – due to the specific package and higher vehicle weight – require new lightweight solutions with higher functionality in a smaller package space. An impressive example is our TRB bumper for BEVs, which in addition to a significant weight advantage of -20 %, optimized design with improved material utilization, easily meets the high requirements in frontal crashes.


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TxB Solutions

For highest functional requirements

Tailor Rolled Blanks (TRB), welded prior to forming, offer the possibility of lightweight design through load-oriented integration of individual parts or reinforcements, the combination of different materials and savings in tooling and joining investments. This technology, known as TxB, provides outstanding advantages – particularly for large components – with high functional requirements, such as the floor and side structures of BEVs.


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Hybrid B-Pillar Assembled

TRB Hybrid B-Pillar

Crash performance, functional improvement and weight savings

Hot-formed TRB-B-pillars are established as the most efficient lightweight solution in this area. For additional weight savings (up to -40 %), TRB-B-pillars can be combined with carbon structures, while retaining the option of conventional joining to ensure easy integration capability in the body shop. This CFRP-TRB hybrid solution offers excellent conditions for various derivatives in body engineering and especially for BEVs.


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Fuel Cell Technology

FCT - Metallic components for H2 electrolysers and fuel cells

Manufacturing expertise in upscaled forming processes

With our extensive forming technologies Mubea supports manufacturers of electrolysers and fuel cells with development know-how and global manufacturing capabilities.

In doing so, we use our many years of experience from the automotive world to scale up the production of disc springs, bipolar plates and electrodes in the growing market of hydrogen production and utilization.

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Mubea E-Motor

Components for e-rotor

Excellent performance with simultaneous cost optimization

Mubea has used our core competencies to optimize components for rotors in e-motors. The flexible rotor shaft, the spring-loaded balancing discs and the spring-loaded magnet fixation lead to simplified assembly processes and result in reduced production costs. The optimized e-rotor offers potential for higher power densities as it is suitable for speeds above 20,000 rpm.


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