Mubea eCargo


Mubea eCargo

Mubea was the first automotive supplier to combine its product, process and material know-how with the knowledge of the bike industry and has developed a four-wheeled eCargo that differentiates itself from the competition in terms of the following criteria:

  • robustness
  • design
  • ergonomics
  • load volume 
  • payload

The Mubea eCargo as a new mobility solution : ONE PLATFORM FOR COUNTLESS APPLICATIONS

In legal terms, the Mubea eCargo is a Pedelec and has its own active chassis and a modular vehicle platform that can be equipped with various carrier modules and adapted to individual customer requirements.

Revolution of urban mobility : SUSTAINABLE AND EFFICIENT

Vorteile Mubea eCargo

Advantages of the Mubea eCargo:

  • Guarantee of inner-city transport without restrictions 
    • No license required
    • No paid parking needed
    • Ability to ride through pedestrian and car-free zones 
    • No age restrictions (recommendation: from 14 years)
  • Reduction of noise and CO2 emissions in urban areas 
  • Low operation and upkeep costs 
    • No mandatory insurance or tax
    • Very low maintenance and inspection costs based on robust automotive engineering

"With the Mubea eCargo project we can contribute to the new mobility! As an engineer, I cannot imagine a more exciting task than accompanying such a vehicle from the concept idea to the prototypes up to series production."

Sebastian Köther
Head of Development Mubea eCargo

This differentiates us from others : MODULAR AND ERGONOMIC

Unique features of the Mubea eCargo:

  • Modular vehicle concept while allowing for individual customer requirements
  • Very high cycling comfort with regard to ergonomic aspects
  • Optionally equipped with weather protection 
  • Can carry loads of up to 335 kg 
  • Know-how from the automotive industry is brought together in the Mubea eCargo
Mubea eCargo Stabilisatorsystem

Stabilizer Systems

Tubular and solid stabilizer bar systems from Mubea are optimized to suit the applicable mounting space and load case.

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Mubea eCargo CFK Struktur- und Sichtbauteile

CFRP Structural and Visual Parts

From the very beginning, Mubea Carbo Tech has been a pioneering specialist in composite structures providing the entire spectrum of composite technologies.

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Mubea eCargo Performance Wheels

Mubea Performance Wheels

MPW offers a unique range of wheels featuring different materials and designs for aluminum, hybrid, and CFRP concepts.

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Key technical specifications at a glance : SHORT AND CONCISE

Dimensions 2,516 mm x 990 mm x 1,980 mm
Weight 115 kg net weight
up to 335 kg payload
max. 450 kg gross weight
Loading area 1,200 mm x 800 mm
Load volume up to 2 m³
Range more than 100 km without battery recharge
Battery (BMZ) 1.640 Wh
48 volts
Motor (BMZ) 112 Nm (electronically limited)

"I am happy to be part of this project as these vehicles will be our future."

David Grabellus
Prototyping Mubea eCargo

Our construction of prototypes : FROM AN IDEA TO A PRE-SERIES VEHICLE

Exclusive insights into the construction of our Mubea eCargo

From delivery to leisure activities : FUNCTIONAL AND INDIVIDUAL