Mubea Fahrwerkskomponenten

Compatible components for stabilizer systems

Suspension Components

The optimized components PV bearings, supports, and stabilizer bar links make the consistent lightweight construction of stabilizer systems possible while at the same time increasing robustness and improving vehicle dynamics.


With our weight- and cost-reduced stabilizer bar links in plastic or hybrid construction, we are able to supply all the components making up the stabilizer system.

MAT stabilizer systems : Stabilizer systems

MAT Lösung: Verbindung von Elastomerlager mit der beschichteten Oberfläche des Stabilisators.

MAT solution: bonding the elastomeric bearing to the coated surface of the stabilizer bar.

The MAT solution is a safe-process, physicochemical bond between the elastomeric bearing and the coated surface of the stabilizer bar. In this way, we avoid the bearing and the stabilizer bar moving relative to one another. At the same time, we thereby prevent abrasive wear of the surface and the production of noise.


In combination with the supports we produce in house, this results in a robust overall system that we develop and manufacture under one roof. 

Steering joints : Robust and mobile

Mubea Führungsgelenke sind robust und bieten eine gute sphärische Beweglichkeit.

Robust design combined with the best spherical mobility in the ball joint

The robust design gives the overall system a high level of rigidity. This ensures a long service life as well as low rotational and tilting resistance in the ball joint. 


We assess and regulate the stick-slip behavior of the ball joint and thereby avoid unwanted noise when it is used in vehicles.

Where our suspension components are developed and manufactured : Locations