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Giving a helping hand to people who are in need through no fault of their own. Supporting international development projects. Funding the education and training of children and young people around the world. You can help!

From an idea to a charitable foundation : How it all began

Von der Idee zur Mubea Stiftung

In 2010, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 rocked Haiti. More than 315,000 people lost their lives, and over 1 million Haitians were made homeless.


Mubea helps grew out of our desire to give the victims sustainable support. To mark our company’s 100th anniversary in 2016, we transferred this initiative into the Mubea helps Foundation – with total foundation capital of one million euros. Thanks to donations from our employees and from the company itself, we are able to give long-term support to important aid projects.

We focus our aid on the following areas: : Our support criteria

Förderkriterien Mubea hilft
  • Assistance to people in need, who find themselves in a desperate situation through no fault of their own
  • Support of international development projects in close cooperation with nonprofit aid organizations
  • Subsidization of the education and training of children and young people at Mubea locations around the world 

We have achieved all this together : Every little helps

Take a look at our successful relief efforts in Haiti and at Mubea’s locations.

“It’s really motivating to see what we can achieve together, and it’s part of us as the Mubea family!”

Franz Epe (Chairman of the Central Works Council)

Composition of Mubea helps :

The Mubea helps Foundation management committee and board of trustees work to ensure that not only the donations from our employees and third parties but also the money raised from special projects, such as the sale of advent calendars, provide the greatest possible support to the selected aid projects.

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A good idea! : Donate & help

Mubea helps
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International aid projects

We have carried out successful projects all around the world. Find out what we have achieved together.

Explore the projects
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Aid projects at Mubea locations

See the impact of our support for yourself.

Local aid projects
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All our help goes to where it is needed

Even a small contribution can achieve a lot. Every donation counts, and it all goes towards our sponsored projects.

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