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Mubea Performance Wheels

Mubea Performance Wheels - Hybrid : CFRP and aluminum combined

Mubea Performance Wheels als Hybridlösung

Carbon fiber composite material and a super-high-tensile aluminum alloy are combined to give a significant weight reduction and greater design freedom.

By using a CFRP rim bed and an aluminum spoke star, we are able to realize:

  • Weight savings of up to 20 percent as compared with the lightest aluminum wheels
  • Ultimate design freedom
  • Significantly greater spoke depth in comparison with forged wheels
  • Lower spoke thickness than in cast wheels 
  • Unsprung, rotating masses are reduced by up to 15 kg compared with aluminum wheels
  • Improved vehicle dynamics and acoustics 
  • Better acceleration and deceleration due to lower mass moment of inertia 

Mubea Performance Wheels - Carbon : CFRP: for the lightest vehicle wheels in serial production

-35 %
Mubea Performance Wheels aus Carbon

In comparison with the lightest aluminum wheels, we are able to achieve a weight saving of up to 35 percent.


We manufacture our MPW-C wheels as a single unit, consisting of rim bed and rim spider in carbon fiber composite.

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