How we are

Our values: ambitious

We set ourselves ambitious targets and achieve success through innovation!

We are ambitious in the pursuit of our targets

It is not always immediately apparent how a vision can become reality. This requires courage, endurance and highly committed employees. With these elements in place, we turn “good” into the best.


How we are: 

  • Innovative
  • Energetic
  • Outstanding

Ambitiously we continue in 2022! :

The year 2021 was an exciting and challenging year for everyone.
In the face of the COVID crisis, we reflect on the achievements of the past months and enter 2022 with ambition.
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Values : How we are



Perseverance and diligence bring success

We establish key priorities and concentrate on what we do best. That is because great achievements are usually only accomplished with a step-by-step approach.


open minded

Progress requires an international outlook

Differing views and constructive discussions guide us toward the best solutions. That is why we are always open to new ideas and developments.

An incredible achievement : Our success story

Over the last three years, our spring band clamps team has set a new record by doubling production. Read on to discover what makes this team special and how it achieved this success.

Benefits : What we offer



Thanks to process innovations and our competence with materials, we are constantly reducing the weight of our products. In doing so, we help protect our environment.

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Ideas from every single employee aimed at continuous improvement and the elimination of waste contribute to the success of our company.

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Our global presence means we are able to ensure the worldwide availability of our products – exactly where you need us and our know-how.

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