5 Pillars of sustainability : How we integrate sustainability

The topic of sustainability does not just refer to one area of the company.
At Mubea, we consistently integrate sustainability into our business.
In doing so, we focus on an implementation based on the following five pillars:



Our first pillar of sustainability deals with our corporate governance. Since 2014, the best Practice Award Driven by the Best has been an integral part of the Mubea Group. Projects that are already realized can be submitted worldwide in the categories ambitious, focused and open-minded. All efforts around the Driven by the Best initiative aim to achieve the corporate spirit and culture. For more information on our company values, please switch to the Mubea Way.


We at Mubea strive to be efficient in all fields of our daily work. In case of our multiple management systems we soon realized the potential for synergies by combining our Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Energy management system into a single Mubea Integrated Management System.


There are numerous awards and certificates that underline the high demands we place on our employees, operations, product quality, service, and suppliers. Global certifications can be found here.


The Mubea Code of Conduct represents the summary of principles and the balance of our entrepreneurial actions with internal and external guidelines. In particular, these guidelines include laws, regulations, agreements, and other voluntary commitments. The Code of Conduct also serves the purpose to encourage each employee to assume personal responsibility and to provide the employee with the necessary orientation. Furthermore, it specifies the objectives and principles for the entrepreneurial actions of the Mubea Group.

The principles stipulated in the Mubea Code of Conduct also reflect our understanding of values. Since many individual organizational units make up the Mubea Group, these standards must be uniform and applied across all organizations.


Following latest data protection guidelines and raising the cyber awareness among our employees is essential to us. We therefore carry out annual cyber awareness trainings with our staff.



The second sustainability pillar refers to our products. Mubea’s benefits light - efficient - global stand for the approach to develop light and efficient products. This can be demonstrated by our First-to-market-innovations. We draw upon many years of experience and extensive know-how in the optimization of our products.


With our lightweight products and efficient powertrain and industrial solutions, we have always helped reducing the fuel consumption of internal combustion engines in vehicles. Even with increasing electrification, we continue to pursue this approach to maximize the range and driving pleasure of electric cars, and to make the best use of our valuable and limited raw materials. Among others our TRB flexible rolling allows us to place material only where it is really needed.

The change from combustion engines to e-mobility gives opportunities to show strength of skills in new market fields. We approach new, emission friendly mobility solutions. For last mile delivery concepts, we offer meanwhile the U-Mobility Cargo. For mobility in urban areas and shorter distances we have developed based on our automotive know-how the U-Mobility xBoard.

We have implemented a zero-failure culture to ensure our product safety and quality.



The third pillar focuses our processes. Our long-term goal is to become climate neutral. Hence, we at Mubea are constantly rethinking our process chains.


We have already been able to save a large portion of Mubea's emissions (Scope 1 & 2) through the consistent use of green power in the plants in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and USA. We continue to electrify our gas-fired heating processes to eliminate emissions from fugitive gases and combustion for heat generation. Processes that cannot be electrified are to be operated based on green hydrogen in the future.


We launched the group wide energy efficiency program (MEEP) and started initiatives to recycle cooling water, waste heat and materials. MEEP helped in the past to optimize compressed air systems by reducing leakages, reducing the pressure and installing compressed air control systems. In course of this program, we modernize lightning and furnaces.

Supply chain


The fourth pillar targets a very essential area of sustainability: the supply chain.


Increasingly important in product manufacturing is the footprint commonly known as the carbon backpack, which is created during the value chain. Since 2021, we have been calculating PCFs (product carbon footprints) for more and more products and are steadily building a more sustainable supply chain. As a major steel consumer, we are already working with our suppliers on solutions for green steel products, which account for close to 70% of our total CO2 emissions in the supply chain. 


Corporate Social Responsibility does not end with yourself. The concept of sustainability is to broaden one’s mind over the limit of your own company to include your whole supply chain and all stakeholders. Mubea follows this principle by prioritizing environmental stewardship and committing to responsible sourcing that emphasizes resource conservation, emissions reduction, and compliance with environmental regulations. In addition, we uphold social responsibility by promoting fair labor practices, healthy and safe working environments, and respect for human rights. We monitor the use of risk materials in our sourcing processes to ensure our commitment to ethical sourcing and responsible business practices. 


While our customers are firm regarding topics of sustainability, we have the responsibility to inform our suppliers and service providers. Therefore, we at Mubea expect from our suppliers and service providers to uphold our own values regarding sustainability. Consequently, Mubea has included sustainability requirements as part of their general terms when engaging with new suppliers and service provider.



The last, but definitely a pillar of high importance is  our sustainability pillar- people. As an innovative technology-driven lightweight specialist, Mubea relies on qualified, motivated employees and management teams. The unstoppable power of new ideas ensures we are always at the technological cutting edge. For attracting employees, we clearly see three good reasons to join and stay with Mubea:

  • Growth and global outlook
  • Pioneering innovator and technology leader
  • Family business and value driven approach 


For Mubea a skilled and motivated workforce is key for success. Our ability to provide a high level of innovation in our product combination with a clear customer focus in the development process demands a dynamic and education driven culture.


We focus on corporate programs provided globally. In addition, we have a rich and diverse training catalogue that is available locally in different variations worldwide. We are driven to support high standard in the quality of the trainings provided by supporting provider selection and ensuring that the training content adapts to the employees needs and our Mubea culture and our company values.


It is our general intent to avoid any negative impact of our business activities on the work environment. In particular, we provide our employees safe work conditions and strive to protect them from potential health hazards and injuries. In our corporate Mubea Binding guidelines, we set out the principles and binding worldwide standards for health protection and promotion. Management is expected to act as a role-model and lead by example.


As a company, we also understand our social responsibility in supporting the educational needs or supporting those who have suffered from unfortunate events in their lives. Our employees initiated local and regional social projects and this initiative finally led to the creation of the Mubea-helps-Foundation, which is enabling global and local help projects nearly everywhere in the world close to Mubea locations.



Where Mubea is concerned, there are numerous awards and certificates that underscore the high demands we place on our employees, operations, product quality, service, and suppliers.

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