Globalism, intercultural cooperation, diversity : AT THE CENTER OF OUR DAILY WORK

How can we be a Mubea family across cultures and countries?
Our employees Daniel Cuc and Michael Rabus give an insight into the time they spent abroad with Mubea.







Daniel Cuc Portrait

My journey with Mubea

Daniel Cuc (ビジネス開発マネージャー 新パワートレーン製品 Mubea 太倉)

“When I started at Mubea Žebrák in 2008, I was a development engineer and responsible for setting up a new location for our belt tensioner development activities. For me, building a team of around 20 employees was a completely new experience. In 2013, I was given the opportunity to support Mubea in China. From an early age, it was clear that I was keen to live abroad: even when I was very young, I was enthusiastic about other countries and cultures. Later on, I gained some experience in the USA and lived in Germany for one and a half years.”

Michael Rabus

My journey with Mubea

Michael Rabus (購買マネージャー—仕入れパーツ、Mubea アッテンドルン)

“I had spent my entire professional life to date in various purchasing functions and had always been in close contact with business partners and colleagues all over the world. Despite this, I hadn’t considered moving abroad myself. I started work at Mubea more than six years ago, and spending time abroad was a topic that had been coming up every so often since the very first job interview, so I began to give it more consideration. Of course, it’s not easy to take such a step with a family and children (12 and 15 years old), but we always viewed this opportunity first and foremost as a chance to develop professionally, linguistically, and also personally. In the summer of 2018, the time came: I was asked if I would be willing to take on the role of purchasing manager in North America, and when the family agreed, we said yes.”

“Globalism offers excellent opportunities for Mubea and its employees!”

Daniel Cuc (Business Development Manager New Powertrain Products, Mubea Taicang)

Daniel Cuc

Why “global” is embedded in our Mission Statement

“If Mubea weren’t global, it would be impossible to access some of the world’s key markets. Moreover, our customers are increasingly active worldwide, and we are thus ensuring our competitive advantage by being close to them. In China, for example, it is usual for customers to receive answers from the supplier quickly. If we were located only in Germany, that would be unfeasible. The current period of crisis is impacting markets to varying degrees: by operating in different regions, Mubea is able to diversify and compensate for the more affected markets. Globalism is necessary.”

Michael Rabus in den USA

Why our global presence makes Mubea special

“A global presence is a must! Mubea is special because we are still a family business and have clear values. It’s not always easy to put the corporate values into practice in every single region, but we have the will to do it—and that’s exactly what I saw in the USA. Mubea does it well!”

Michael Rabus in Mexiko

How I experience our corporate culture “The Mubea Way” every day

“A lot of communication takes place between regions. In the USA, we had many projects and programs on which different regions needed to work together. Everyone on the team pitched in right from the start. To me, this is a perfect example of how we put ‘The Mubea Way’ into practice globally.”

Daniel Cuc in China

How “The Mubea Way” is put into practice in China

“In China, the corporate culture is taken particularly seriously. People expect to get guidance from Mubea through its values: they are enthusiastic about our Mission Statement and put it into practice with huge commitment. This is essential at a global level when it is all about collaboration with other locations and colleagues. They experience the corporate culture with every encounter and understand its benefits, especially in the long term. You have to be open and take advantage of good opportunities.”

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Mubea Way

The Mubea Way

“The Mubea Way” is the guiding principle followed by all the company’s employees around the world and therefore the way we see ourselves – everything that we as employees experience every day and associate with Mubea.

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