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Our employees are the driving force behind our company’s success

What´s special about idea management at Mubea?

What motivates our employees to submit improvement suggestions?

In the last ten years in Germany alone :


ideas submitted


mio € saved through realized ideas


mio € paid out to our employees in rewards

What does idea management mean at Mubea?

Every idea is good!

Every Mubea employee has the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and improvement suggestions and thus play an active role in the success of the company—and that has been our policy for more than 50 years.

On the principle that “every idea is good”, more than 25 idea managers around the world process, examine, and evaluate each proposal that is submitted. 

Depending on its demonstrable benefit, a successfully realized idea is granted a monetary reward. In the last ten years, for example, rewards totaling 3.33 million euros have been paid out to Mubea employees in Germany alone. 


By contributing their commitment, expertise, and creativity, our employees help to advance the company and our products. Their inventiveness fuels our success and our position as global market leader!

“The purpose of idea management is to give ‘chance’ a window of opportunity and to capture what would otherwise have slipped through the net of our systematic activities.”

– Roland Müller, Process Owner and Idea Manager

Roland Müller

Idea management is part of Mubea’s DNA

What’s special about idea management at Mubea?

Roland Müller, Process Owner and Idea Manager, has worked for Muhr und Bender KG in Attendorn, Germany, since 1983. He has helped to continuously develop idea management in its current form since 2003.


“Idea management is part of Mubea’s DNA and has become integral to the company. We try to reach out to all employees and motivate them to participate in idea management so that they too can play a role in shaping the company. At Mubea, every employee is welcome to submit ideas.”

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That’s precisely why we work as a team

“Our approach to idea management is based on a simple concept: No single person can do everything, knows everything, or can handle everything. That’s precisely why we work as a team, with every individual fulfilling an important role. Whether an apprentice, head of department, administrative assistant, technician, salesperson, or member of the production team, everyone has individual strengths, abilities, and ideas. And we need these ideas to keep on developing and improving.


Idea management is encouraged by Mubea’s corporate management and is therefore part of the leadership responsibility of every supervisor. Idea management is a leadership responsibility and cannot work any other way.”


- Roland Müller


How does idea management represent "efficient"?

Every idea is a good idea that is worthy of consideration in order to drive the company forward in the competitive market. That is why no idea is overlooked at Mubea. 


With an idea quota of one improvement suggestion per employee per year, and a maximum processing time of 90 days, we set—and reach—ambitious idea management targets. 


Mubea’s idea management is a successful concept and a highly cost-effective method of making improvements. In the last ten years, for example, Mubea has saved 22.523.610 euro in Germany alone through realized ideas. Continuous improvements made by every single employee contribute to the success of our company!

Mubea Mitarbeiter in der Produktion

The success story of Pietro Parrilla

Pietro Parrilla works in the hardening shop at the Attendorn location. He has been with Mubea since 1990 and is remarkable for the exceptional quantity and quality of his ideas.


Since submitting his first idea in 1998—for which he was awarded 500 deutsche marks—Pietro Parrilla has so far contributed more than 300 suggestions. The Mubea idea management team has rewarded this ambition with a special bonus of 1,500 euros.


Michael Obst, Production Manager in the hardening shop and Pietro’s supervisor, speaks very highly of his motivated employee: “Hard work and commitment pay off—quite literally.”

What motivated Pietro Parrilla to submit over 300 ideas?

“I’ve worked at Mubea for such a long time. It’s like a family to me, like a second home. 


I’m very motivated to identify improvements for my department and Mubea. That’s what you do in your own home, isn’t it? If I have an idea for how I could improve something, then I carry it out! Idea management makes it possible for us as employees to really make a difference.


I’m proud to be part of Mubea and to experience the continuous growth of this family business from within. The financial incentive is worthwhile too: over the years, I’ve received rewards ranging from 50 to 12,000 euros.


I’m proud of all the ideas I’ve submitted, because every single one has made a change—and always for the better! Improvements relating to process optimization and safety at work are especially close to my heart. 


I believe every improvement is a good thing and every improvement pays off.”



Using employee ideas to drive success :

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