Thanks to our sophisticated products Mubea has become one of the lead manufacturers for the automotive industry. To keep this position, we provide a qualified and demanding training program.

Our business owes its success predominantly to the qualifications of our employees. For this reason, we place great value in providing the best education possible. Our trainees don´t only learn the skills they need for their future jobs, they also learn to think systematically, to be able to operate with the complexities of the broader environment. Our trainee workshops and technical departments are equipped with the most modern technology, and our trainers themselves are specially trained to ensure comprehensive support.

The basis of education is cooperation with regional high schools and vocational schools, which are offering vocational education with regard to Mubea specific needs. During this studies apprentices also get vocational practice in the different operational units of the company. Education takes place in the student centers which were established and equipped by Mubea as well in Žebrák as in Prostějov. The advantage of this dual system is that our apprentices can apply their acquired knowledge into practice and are well prepared to meet the company's needs immediately after their vocational training finished.

Scholarships offering


Mubea Žebrák

In cooperation with SOŠ and SOU Hořovice, High school Rokycany, Grammer School and SOŠ Rokycany, SPŠ engineering and SOŠ prof. Švejcara Plzeň, SOŠ and SOU Dubno and SPŠ and VOŠ Příbram Mubea Žebrák offers training programs for primary school graduates in the following fields:

3 years study 

  • Toolmaker
  • Machinist with focus on CNC machine operator
  • Mechanic- fitter

4 years graduation study

  • Mechanic setter 
  • Engineering
  • Electrotechnic - mechatronics, automation technology
  • Mechanic electrician


Mubea Prostějov

In cooperation with SOŠ industries and SOU engineering Prostějov, Technical high school Přerov, Sigmund´s high school of engineering Lutín and Polytechnic High school Olomouc Mubea Prostějov offers training programs for primary school graduates in the following fields:

3 years study

  • Toolmaker
  • Mechanic - fitter

4 years graduation study

  • Mechanic - tools and equipment
  • Mechanic setter
  • Electrotechnic - mechatronics


For pupils who obtain a training program in the above mentioned fields with Mubea Žebrák or Mubea Prostějov a monthly scholarship up to the following amounts will be offered:

1. Year - 2.000 CZK
2. Year - 3.000 CZK
3. Year - 4.000 CZK
4. Year - 4.000 CZK

The specific amount of the monthly scholarship is dependent on the students' performance and behavior. For detailed explanation of the conditions of such a scholarship and other information please contact the responsible person mentioned.

We cordially invite you to visit Mubea Žebrák and Mubea Prostějov, after appointment with the respective contact person.