The Mubea Way

Our corporate philosophy

The Mubea Way

Taken individually, the following points would not constitute a corporate philosophy – but together they give us a picture of what we call “The Mubea Way.” This approach is the result of 100 years of corporate history and also forms the foundation of our company.


“The Mubea Way” is the guiding principle followed by all the company’s employees around the world and therefore the way we see ourselves – everything that we as employees experience every day and associate with Mubea.

Mubea – a strong, global team : What drives us?

Join us on a trip around the world of Mubea and meet people giving their best every day!

Benefits: What we offer



light: We achieve weight reductions with our products

Thanks to process innovations and new, high-tensile materials, we are constantly reducing the weight of many of our products. This reduces fuel consumption and helps to conserve our environment’s natural resources.



efficient: Everyone’s ideas count!

Ideas from every single employee aimed at continuous improvement and the elimination of waste contribute to the success of our company.



global: We are present in all major automotive markets

Our global presence means we are able to ensure the worldwide availability of our products – exactly where you need us and our know-how. We are constantly growing, but remain true to our roots as a family owned business with a unique identity.

Values: How we are



ambitious: We aim high to make our visions reality

We follow through on our courage and perseverance by setting ourselves ambitious targets and driving innovations through to successful conclusions.



focused: Perseverance and diligence bring success

We establish key priorities and concentrate on what we do best. That is because great achievements are usually only accomplished with a step-by-step approach.


open minded

open minded: Progress requires an international outlook

Differing views and constructive discussions guide us toward the best solutions. That is why we are always open to new ideas and developments.

Our Code of Conduct: Our principles

Lawful and responsible behavior on the part of our shareholders, management, executives, and every single employee is decisive for the success of our company. With our Code of Conduct, we declare our commitment to clear principles.

Leadership and collaboration : Our principles

The success of Mubea is driven by the commitment of every single member of staff and by good collaboration throughout the entire company. The quality of this teamwork is impacted to a major extent by our management style. Through our principles governing leadership and cooperation, we are creating a common understanding and a binding framework.

Quality is our top priority: Our principles

Customer satisfaction is our #1 objective. We use our products and services to fulfill requirements in the best, most efficient way as well as striving to exceed these requirements through continuous improvement and with our innovative technologies. Our quality principles are the basis for our cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

Mubea drives projects: Our principles

We are driven to constantly improve. The ability of our project teams to work successfully is a key element of this approach. Our guidelines for effective project management form the basis for this.

Health, safety, and environment : Our principles

We are committed to ensuring a healthy work environment and to striving for a zero-accident culture.