What we offer

Customer benefit: efficient

If you don’t move forward, you go backward.

Our ideas ensure corporate success.

We aim for continuous improvement

Every employee’s ideas count!

The ideas of every employee are essential to secure the long-term success of our company. We are a lean company and eliminate waste along the entire value chain. This way we will be able to maintain our position among the best and most competitive on the international market.


What we offer:

  • Ideas management
  • Mubea Best Processes
  • Zero-failure mentality
Mitarbeiter R. Müller vor Mubea Weltkarte

Our idea management process

At Mubea, every employee has the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and improvement suggestions and thus play an active role in the success of the company!

Benefits : What we offer



We achieve weight reductions with our products

Thanks to process innovations and new, high-tensile materials, we are constantly reducing the weight of many of our products. This reduces fuel consumption and helps to conserve our environment’s nautral resources.



We are present in all major automotive markets

Our global presence means we are able to ensure the worldwide availability of our products – exactly where you need us and our know-how. We are constantly growing, but remain true to our roots as a family owned business with a unique identity.

Values : How we are



We set ourselves ambitious targets and drive innovations through to successful conclusions.

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We satisfy requirements with perseverance and diligence.

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open minded

Differing views and constructive discussions guide us toward the best solutions.

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