Our local aid projects at Mubea locations : Mubea helps – locally

Find out more about the local projects supported at our international Mubea locations. We give our help where it is needed!

Mubea helps in Mexico :

Mubea hilft in den USA

Vicente Suárez School

Safer and more fun

A donation from Mubea helps enabled the Vicente Suárez School near our location in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, to put up a fence along a dilapidated wall. This serves to prevent accidents and protects the school from theft. Our donated funds were also used to erect a playground in the school grounds – giving the children the chance to enjoy even more exercise and fun during recess.


Amount donated by Mubea: approx. 7,500 euros

Mubea helps in the USA :

Sunrise Children’s Services

Providing new educational equipment

Mubea is involved in purchasing new video and audio technology for children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. More than 8,000 children are currently in the custody of the state in Kentucky, USA. The Sunrise Children’s Services organization cares for around 1,000 children each day.


Amount donated by Mubea: approx. 5,285 euros

Mubea hilft - Preschool in den USA

Oakland Livingston Human Services

Supporting preschoolers

In cooperation with Oakland Livingston Human Services, Mubea helps  is assisting the Great Start Readiness program in Michigan, USA, by providing school supplies such as paints, pens, and books. The initiative is directed at preschoolers who need special support in the classroom in order to pass their school-leaving exams.


Amount donated by Mubea: approx. 2,640 euros 

Red Cross

Assisting hurricane victims

Devastating hurricanes in Texas, on the coast of Carolina, in Florida, and in Puerto Rico left thousands of people without access to clean water, food, and shelter. Our donations supported the local branch of the Red Cross in helping the affected communities.


Amount donated by Mubea: approx. 2,640 euros

Mubea helps in Czech Republic :

Children's Home Pepa

Children’s Home Pepa

Giving children new perspectives

The Children’s Home Pepa in Příbram is a family-oriented home for 15 children in the age of three to 18 years. These children are under institutional custody as their families neglected and abused them. There are many areas where we can support. Being a non-profit organization, the children’s home is grateful for every help that allows creating optimal living conditions for the children.


Amount donated by Mubea: 385 euros

CFRP Christmas Decoration

Senior House in Háj in Ledeč nad Sázavou

Support for elderly people

With our donations, the Senior House in Háj in Ledeč nad Sázavou will create suitable conditions for the inhabitant’s lives. In the past year’s Christmas season, the Mubea employees in Dolní Kralovice made Christmas decorations from remaining carbon material and sold them to their colleagues for the good cause.


Amount donated by Mubea: 615 euros

Mubea helps in China :

Mubea Grant Event - Vergabe von Stipendien

Mubea Grant Event

Udílení stipendií

Our Chinese location in Taicang awarded education scholarships to 24 students as part of the first Mubea Grant Event. Following this successful first round, 24 more students will now be selected to receive support.


Amount donated by Mubea: approx. 2,100 euros

Cooperation with local schools

Fostering talent and ambition

Through donations to schools in the vicinity of our locations in Taicang, Kunshan, and Shenyang, we are providing long-term support to eight talented students from low income families so that they can continue their schooling. Eight more students will soon also have the opportunity to benefit from our funding.


Amount donated by Mubea: 2,450 euros

Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit - Mubea hilft in China

Successful cooperation

Ensuring access to work

Since November 2018, Mubea helps has supported two students with cognitive impairment to make the transition from school to working life. In collaboration with Taicang Special Education School, the Inclusion Factory, and the Taicang Charity Organization, the students are supported until they have successfully completed their training.

Mubea helps in India :

Jahrhundertflut in Kerala - Grundlage zum Überleben

Worst flood of the century in Kerala

The means to survive

In 2018, the Indian state of Kerala fell victim to heavy monsoon rains, which flooded the entire region and brought about a desperate situation for 800,000 people. Mubea helps put together emergency parcels to support those affected, especially residents of the village of Chelachuvadu near Kottayam. Each parcel contained foodstuffs, such as rice, pulses, and tea, as well as hygiene products and household goods to help the troubled population to survive.


Amount donated by Mubea: approx. 3,200 euros

Mubea helps in Germany :

Schule in Zalengera

Collaboration with FLY & HELP

Building schools in Malawi

In 2018, our location in Daaden/Weitefeld, Germany, helped to fund the construction of a school in Malawi, Africa, by the charity Rainer Meutsch Stiftung FLY & HELP. The school opened in September 2019. Mubea helps funded also the establishment of a second school in Zalengera. They enable 400 children to attend school.


Amount donated by Mubea: 100,000 euros

Scheckübergabe im Kinderhospiz

Balthasar children’s hospice

Giving their days more meaning

Kinderhospiz Balthasar in Germany is a place for life and laughter as well as death and grieving. The hospice supports terminally ill children and their families as they navigate the difficult journey following diagnosis. Mubea regularly gives donations to the organization as part of the local projects run by Mubea’s location in Attendorn.


Amount donated by Mubea: 2,000 euros

Kompass e.V.

Kompass e. V.

Zajištění průběžného vzdělávání

Never giving up – Kompass e.V. gives forgotten children and young people a chance. In October 2018, Mubea helps at the Attendorn location  provided funding for the purchase of technical equipment for the Wullacker project. This initiative benefits children and young people from the district of Olpe, Germany, who are so severely disadvantaged by their living situations that they are unable to access regular education at a special school.


Amount donated by Mubea: 1,000 euros

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