Our corporate structure : Global organization

Global Organization 2024

Innovation strength can only flourish within well thought-out structures

That is why the responsibility for all product-related matters lies with our divisions – to allow the greatest possible focus on our customers. 


Our regions maintain our close relationship with our customers, are alert to local developments, and take responsibility for the efficient operation of our 54 plants around the world. The opportunities for synergies within the Mubea Group are realized by our corporate units. Our corporate management – the Mubea Executive Board and the Mubea Directors’ Committee – provides consistent leadership for all our organizational units.


The result is faster responsiveness and flexibility – qualities that typify our family-owned business. 

Selected business units : Mubea in detail

Find out more about our Mubea business units, which are also very successful outside of the automotive industry and in business with third parties.

Mubea Aviation GmbH

Mubea Aviation GmbH

Strategic expansion of our competences

The FLAMM Group was taken over by Mubea in 2018. Nowadays the company manufactures components and modular elements for the aviation industry under the name Mubea Aviation GmbH at two locations with 400 employees. It works steel, aluminum, titanium, and plastics using metal forming, machining, surface treatment and assembly processes.

Mubea Standort Salzburg

Mubea Carbo Tech: Lightweight at the highest level

Mubea Carbo Tech is a pioneering specialist in composite structures. We cover the entire spectrum of composite technologies. With a creative innovation team and cutting-edge in-house laboratory facilities, Mubea Carbo Tech reacts to material developments and component validations in record time. The business unit develops product solutions and the appropriate production technology to create car body structure and hybrid components in large production runs as well as complex monocoques and exclusive CFRP visual parts featuring a duro- and thermoplastic matrix. 


Mubea Carbo Tech – the market and technology leader with 2,400 employees at four locations. 


weba: Your partner in hot forming

The high-tech toolmaker weba manufactures hot forming tools and complex forming tools for high-tensile and safety-critical structural parts. It operates globally with 400 employees at four locations. As a technology pioneer, weba has actively shaped the trend toward increasingly light yet higher-tensile components. Around the world, more than 200 crash-relevant structural parts for vehicles are currently produced using weba tools. 

Mubea Tellerfedern

Mubea Disc Springs: Our quality product for numerous applications

For over five decades, the Mubea Disc Springs business unit has specialized in the production of high-quality disc springs for individual customer solutions and standard parts. Because of their impressive versatility, disc springs are used in a wide variety of industrial applications: from oil rig equipment at depths of 3,000 meters to satellites at heights of 36,000 kilometers. Complex, fine blanked parts complete the product portfolio. With production sites in Germany, China, and the United States as well as a global distribution network, we offer our customers local support.

Mubea Aftermarket

Original parts in OEM quality

With our Mubea Aftermarket Services (MAS), we give the independent aftermarket access to our product, manufacturing, and application expertise. The company’s products encompass original parts in OEM quality, such as coil suspension springs, stabilizer bars, belt tensioners, and spring band clamps. 


We supply industrial customers with connecting products for a wide range of applications. 

Mubea Präzisionsstahlrohre

Ultimate precision

Mubea Präzisionsstahlrohr AG is a leading manufacturer of welded and cold drawn precision steel tubes. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities allow for the production of technically complex tubes in a wide variety of steel grades – with maximum dimensional accuracy and flawless finishes. The business unit’s 300 employees generate turnover of 100 million euros at its headquarters in Arbon, Switzerland. 

Mubea E-Mobility

Automotive innovations for e-mobility

In 2017, we launched our urban mobility business with the opening of the Mubea e-mobility store in Attendorn, Germany.


We create our own innovative e-mobility solutions. Following the successful design and construction of a Mubea e-bike, we are now working on an e-cargo bike. Our goal is to develop a zero-emissions, lightweight vehicle for applications such as short-distance delivery services in urban areas: a perfect blend of Mubea know-how in chassis, wheels, and lightweight structures. 

Mubea Competence Center

Technologies for the future

Mubea Corporate Research & Engineering (CRE) competence center

The competence center is the Mubea Group’s research facility on RWTH Aachen University’s campus in Germany. Here, highly specialized engineers work on the product and process innovations of the future. The wide range of research and development activities includes:


  • Lightweight solutions for car body construction
  • Novel manufacturing processes and materials plus related design methods
  • New components for e-mobility


Our physical proximity to RWTH Aachen University and affiliated research institutions facilitates the rapid and interdisciplinary implementation of innovations to the highest standard. At the same time, we support and train the next generation of engineering graduates through numerous student projects.


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