Mubea ist Entwicklungspartner für komplexe und hochpräzise Bauteile.

Extensive technology portfolio to meet the highest demands

Fine Blanking Parts

We are your development partner for complex and high precision components. Our in house tool shop and pre-material from Mubea rolling mills are central to our success.


Our areas of expertise:

  • Pressing forces between 1,600 kN and 10,000 kN
  • Material thicknesses of up to 10 mm
  • A wide range of materials: heat treatable, case hardening, stainless, and fine grained steels
  • Complex, high precision geometries
  • Numerous heat treatment processes available in house, including conventional hardening and tempering and case hardening
  • Broad spectrum of finishing technologies, from brush deburring and vibratory grinding to zinc phosphating
  • Design and manufacture in our own tool shop
Mubea Getriebefedern sind die Lösungen für steigende Anforderungen moderner Getriebe.

Transmission Springs

Our slotted disc springs are used as piston return springs in transmission clutches in modern automatic and dual clutch transmissions.

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Mubea Rohrwellen bieten kosteneffizienten Leichtbau für höchste Funktionsansprüche.

Tubular Shafts

Lightweight and cost-effective tubular shafts from Mubea meet the highest functional demands.

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Tellerfedern Anwendungsgebiete

Disc Springs

Disc springs provide high spring forces while requiring only a small installation space. One of their advantages is the increase in spring forces and deflections thanks to the different layering of the individual springs in spring stacks.

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Mubea Ventilfedern

Valve springs

We develop and produce operation- and friction-optimized springs requiring minimal installation space.

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Belt Tensioner Systems

Mubea develops and produces friction damped belt tensioners for combustion engine auxiliary drive mechanisms.

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Mubea Connecting Products

Connecting Products

Connecting products from Mubea offer the widest possible range of applications and assembly solutions.

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