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Our solutions to meet the increasing demands on modern transmissions

Transmission Springs

Our slotted disc springs are used as piston return springs in transmission clutches in modern automatic and dual clutch transmissions in place of a large number of helical compression springs.


Wave and disc springs from Mubea improve shift comfort when used as compression or damper springs.

-5 %
Gewichtsreduzierung Waage

By using disc springs in automatic transmissions, the transmission length can be shortened and the weight reduced by up to 5 percent.

Transmission disc springs : A fundamental solution for compact transmissions

Getriebetellerfedern als Lösungsbaustein für kompakte Getriebe

Transmission disc springs as a fundamental solution for compact transmissions

  • Dimension-optimized design for small axial mounting spaces
  • Variable characteristic curve
  • High radial rigidity
  • Maximum service life and functional performance
  • More than 25 years of production experience at high quantities

Separating springs : Increased efficiency in the smallest possible mounting spaces

Spreizfedern dienen der Trennung von Lamellen in nasslaufenden Kupplungen und bieten zahlreiche Vorteile.

Separating springs separate the laminae in wet-running clutches and offer numerous advantages

  • Transmission efficiency optimized and CO2 reduced thanks to lower drag torque losses
  • Dynamics and shift comfort improved by minimizing jerking during gear shifts
  • Additional integration of the piston return function to give a more compact and less complex clutch

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