The history of our company : It all began in 1916

It all began with a spring! As an innovative lightweight specialist in high-strength spring components and related products, we are now proud to serve satisfied customers around the world. Our employees and their ideas are at the heart of this success.

Company foundation in 1916 :

Unternehmensgründung im Jahr 1916

August 1, 1916

Foundation of Josef Muhr, Attendorn

The First World War is still raging when Josef Muhr senior leases the “Funkes Fabrik“ building on Spindelsburggraben street in Attendorn, Germany. There he founds the company Josef Muhr, Attendorn, together with his son, Josef Muhr junior. The rent for the 100 square meters of factory space costs 230 marks a year.


1931 - 1980 :

Logo Historie


Establishment of the trademark

This is the year the company’s products begin to carry its own trademark – awarded by the State Patent Office in Berlin, Germany. It’s now official, and the company wants to broadcast it: the name MUBEA is comprised of the first letters of the two owners’ surnames, MU(hr) and BE(nder), plus the first initial of the location of the company headquarters, A(ttendorn).

1960 Produktionshalle Daaden


The subsidiary plant in Daaden, Germany, goes into operation

Germany’s economic miracle continues at full speed. There are consequences for the labor market: in Attendorn, even Mubea is hit by a shortage of labor. Josef Muhr seeks a solution and establishes himself in the nearby iron ore mining region of Siegerland. It’s a very successful venture: to begin with, 25 men and women at the new location in Daaden open a new chapter in the company’s success story, which is still only just beginning.

Der erste Mubea Rohrstabilisator


The first tubular stabilizer bar

The Porsche 928 uses a tubular stabilizer bar for the first time on both axles – a lightweight innovation from Mubea with a weight reduction of 40 percent. More innovations follow as the years go by: post-vulcanized rubber bearings, tubes with variable wall thicknesses and even lower weight, as well as the in house production of tubes and stabilizer bar links. Today, Mubea is a systems supplier for stabilizer bars and is currently developing adaptive systems for this functional group.

1981 - 1994 :

Der erste Standort in den USA


The American adventure begins in Florence

Every US state that does not border on an ocean or a Midwestern state is said to be in the “heartland” of the United States. And this is where the story of Mubea in the “land of opportunity” begins – in the small city of Florence in the US state of Kentucky. At only around 400 kilometers from the center of the American automotive industry, it’s a dream come true for Dr. Karl-Heinz Muhr.

Die Mubea Side Load Feder


The side load spring is granted a patent

In the late 1980s, the Volkswagen Group has a problem with its Audi Quattro, Golf, and Passat models. But Muhr und Bender has the answer: the so-called axially offset spring, which solves the transverse force problem in the MacPherson strut. The approval of the component by VW coincides with its publication by the German Patent Office. 

Dr. Thomas Muhr wird Mitglied der Geschäftsführung


Dr. Thomas Muhr joins the Managing Board

After two years at BMW in Munich, Germany, Dr. Thomas Muhr returns to Attendorn. He finds taking over the technical management of the Attendorn plant a shock to the system. He perseveres and, taking a sensitive approach toward Dr. Karl-Heinz Muhr, he makes changes to many areas of his father’s business. Muhr senior is more than satisfied – with the new developments and with his son.

Mubea time travel :

1996 - 2004 :

Einweihung des Zweigwerks Žebrák


Opening of the subsidiary plant in Žebrák, Czech Republic

In the autumn of 1994, Muhr und Bender founds a subsidiary in the Czech Republic and purchases a plot of land in Žebrák covering 110,000 square meters. The factory opens in October 1996 with an initial workforce of 30 employees, and the first belt tensioners leave the plant in November – it all happens very quickly.

TRB-Einweihung in Attendorn


Opening of the Tailor Rolled Blanks (TRB) plant

In the summer of 2004, Mubea reaches a new milestone in its corporate history with the opening of its first TRB cold rolling mill in Attendorn. In the late 1990s, Dr. Karl-Heinz Muhr had already predicted Mubea was on the verge of a major development with the flexible rolling of Tailor Rolled Blanks. He was right.

Gründung des Mubea-Standortes in Taicang


Establishment of the location in Taicang, China

With the foundation of Mubea Automotive Components Taicang Co. Ltd., Mubea’s international expansion also reaches the emerging market of China. The location is one hour’s drive from Shanghai. The news is particularly well received by customers in Japan and Korea, whose business is won thanks to collaboration with cooperation partners in Asia.

2010 - 2018 :

Übernahme der Carbo Tech


Mubea takes over Austrian firm Carbo Tech

The Mubea Group expands with the majority acquisition of Carbo Tech’s product portfolio of lightweight technologies. A particular highlight: the world’s first carbon fiber composite (CFRP) monocoque to be produced in series. And the customer? No less than the illustrious McLaren.

2015 Einführung der Mubea Performance Wheels


IAA debut of Mubea Performance Wheels (MPW)

The Mubea team has done a great job: in a world premiere, the company presents a range of lightweight wheels made of CFRP and aluminum. A completely new casting process is deployed to make use of the light alloy. It combines the weight and strength advantages of the forging process with the design freedom provided by the casting process.

2018 Die Mubea GFK-Blattzugfeder


There’s no end to the possibilities of lightweight – GFRP leaf tension springs from Mubea

Mubea delivers its first leaf tension springs produced in series from glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP). Thanks to this new material and a revolutionary design, the product combines a clear improvement in comfort with a weight saving of up to 50 kg compared with conventional leaf springs made of steel.

2019-2023 :

Mubea Flamm


Mubea acquires the Flamm Group

Mubea is expanding its product portfolio with the acquisition of the Flamm Group, thereby implementing its strategically planned entry into the aviation sector. The newly created division supplies its customers from plants in Germany and Turkey.

Logo csi


csi and Mubea enter into strategic partnership

csi Entwicklungstechnik and Mubea are joining forces to further expand their own portfolio for the automotive industry. Mubea's 49% stake in csi lays the foundation for a strong partnership in which the companies can benefit from each other's expertise.

U-Mobility CARGO



Jansen transfers precision steel tubes division to Mubea and IAA premiere of eCargo

The long-standing and close partnership between Mubea and Jansen provides a good starting point for Mubea's takeover of the Jansen Group's precision steel tubes division. In total, Mubea is taking over around 450 employees at the two sites in Oberriet (Switzerland) and Dingelstädt (Germany).

Mubea presents its specially developed e-cargo bike for the first time at the IAA 2021. Mubea is thus closing the gap between e-bikes and cars and further advancing last-mile logistics in urban centers.

Exo Skellett German bionic


Lightweight construction specialist Mubea and exoskeleton developer German Bionic cooperate

German Bionic, the global technology leader in the development of intelligent power suits, and Mubea have agreed on a far-reaching collaboration. Mubea is thus expanding its micromobility division to include the future field of robotic exoskeletons.



Mubea U-Mobility and Citkar join their strengths

The ambitious Berlin-based start-up Citkar and Mubea are working together on the vision and production of a new vehicle category of "electric heavy-duty cargobikes". The takeover underlines Mubea's ambition to expand its micromobility division into a powerful pillar of the family-owned company, in addition to its successful entry into the aviation industry.

2024-Our History continues :

Logo Mubea Aerostructures


Mubea expands its activities in the aerospace industry and strengthens its position as a strategic development partner

Effective January 1, 2024, Mubea will acquire the activities of RUAG Aerostructures Germany & Hungary and Cyclone Manufacturing Inc. with locations in Canada and Poland. Both acquisitions complement Mubea's existing production expertise, particularly in larger components, assemblies, design and assembly of center and rear fuselage sections. In addition, the expanded customer portfolio offers new growth opportunities and thus makes an important contribution to establishing Mubea as a global supplier in the aviation industry.

In addition, Mubea will become the single owner of the development service provider csi, taking over 600 employees at nine German locations. Mubea is thus positioning itself even more strongly as a strategic development partner to the automotive industry.

Zielgruppe Studenten


"Continue the success story"

What began in 1916 with twelve employees has developed over 100 years into an international company with more than 17,000 employees at 54 locations in 18 countries. Building on our achievements, with a never-ending stream of ideas for innovations and improvements, we continue to write our success story together with our employees and customers.

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