Basis for the extraordinary quality of the Mubea products is the smooth interaction of the internal and customer oriented business processes. By the intensive support of the customers, products and production processes are created with the established knowledge of the Mubea employees, which do not only comply with the current customer requirements but also show the way for the future. The high in-house production depth as well as the internally trained employees are conductive to this. Our production equipment is worlwide state of the art and fulfills or exceeds the legal environmental requirements. Furthermore we are supported by our suppliers with which we develop materials and products which comply with the requirements.

At Mubea, the environmental awareness is already considered in the product development phase because each component from our company is so lightweighted as the material, the production process and the intended use allow. But we do not settle for this. Rather we go on doing research on lighter materials, develop better production processes and rethink about the application use.

We save energy through our environmental activities. Additionally we save gas and electricity in our production plants and in offices, in order to not influence our natural environment negatively.

Mubea Management Manual