Are you looking for a partner in your studies?

Our goal is to master the technology for our market. But we can only reach this ambitious goal through consistent research and development, coupled with custom made innovation management. In developing new technology and approaches, Mubea seeks to establish research partnerships with national and international research partners with excellent technical knowledge. We have created an innovative environment through long term collaboration with our partners, which has allowed our core processes and lightweight design methods to develop. Where possible, we accompany our new generation of engineers, and the managers they become, from study to their demanding managerial roles in the international arena.

If you are interested in working with us in the fields of materials, production technology, engineering mechanics, vehicle mechanics and associated disciplines, we offer you the possibility of carrying out your studies, masters dissertations and practical placements with us here at Mubea.

What do you need?

Good grades in undergraduate study in the above disciplines. Foreign languages, or a technical qualification are particularly sought after in our applicants.

How should you apply?

Please send us a short electronic application that clearly outlines your expertise. The application should include information about background, and academic situation, as well as the focus of your studies to date (you don’t need to give us a formal list). Please don’t forget to tell us which area you want to work in.