Spring Band Clamps

We create safe connections

Where in the past, often only a regular hose clamp was used, today, in a best case scenario,  you will find a spring band clamp. Over the course of nearly three decades, the spring band clamp has proven to be a safe connection element with 5 billion parts sold. Mubea spring band clamps are successfully developed and manufactured in close cooperation with customers, independent research institutes and universities. 

Our know-how in development and the standardization concept for the clamp - hose - fitting system promoted by us has been reflected in standard DIN 3021-1, -2 and -3.

Based on our high quality standards, Mubea spring band clamps are accepted by all renowned car manufacturers. Consequently, this made Mubea the market leader worldwide for spring band clamps. Besides car manufacturers, system manufacturers and the hose industry, more and more leading industrial companies and manufacturers use this type of connection. Spring band clamps are self-tightening sealing elements made from tempered spring band steel offering a high level of flexibility. With an almost constant clamping force, they continuously adapt to the changing characteristics of hose and fitting and consequently ensure non-leakage sealing at temperature ranges from approx.– 40 to +180° C (-40 to + 350° F).