Mubea helps foundation

Give perspectives - save the future!

Mubea´s former managers were never just concerned about their employees´ well-being, but were also involved as entrepreneurs in their society. Not only that, our employees and the works council have always suggested a common social engagement.

Mubea set up the "Mubea helps" foundation to continue this good tradition and to expand it even. A foundation is when a large sum is permanently dedicated to a certain cause, with the target of helping other people.  

We want... support people who are in need through no fault of their own support international development aid projects promote the education and training of children and young people on a worldwide basis.


You wish to help us in this undertaking? That's a great idea!Even a small donation can make a huge difference. Every donation counts and flows 100% into the funding project.


"To be able to see what we can do together is very motivating and is a part of being in the Mubea family!" - works council Mubea Attendorn