An investment in the future

Mubea has become one of the lead manufacturers in the field, thanks to our sophisticated products, and we provide a qualified and demanding training program.

Our business owes its success predominantly to the qualifications of our employees. For this reason, we place great value in providing the best education possible. Our trainees don't only learn the skills they need for their future jobs, they also learn to think systematically, to be able to operate with the complexities of the broader environment. Our trainee workshops and technical departments are equipped with the most modern technology, and our trainers are themselves specially trained to ensure comprehensive support.

Mubea's training rate in Germany exceeds 10%, that is over 200 trainees, and our training stretches over a broad range of technical and commercial areas.

In addition to this we also offer the possibility of studying in the 'Duales Studium' system (theoretical study and practical experience), so you can use the practical and academic knowledge you have gained to fast track your technical or management career with Mubea.