Präzisionsstahlrohre für dynamisch hoch beanspruchte Leichtbauanwendungen

For lightweight construction applications subject to dynamic high stress

Mubea Precision Steel Tubes

Mubea is a leading manufacturer of welded and drawn precision steel tubes for the automotive industry, the furniture and chair industry, as well as for shop fittings, radiators, and the engineering and metalworking industry.

    Variety in precision

    We produce tubes with an outer diameter of 16 to 76 mm and wall thicknesses of 0.8 to 6.0 mm. Precision steel tubes from Mubea satisfy the highest specifications in terms of tolerances and finishes. Our products are a cost-effective alternative to cold drawn steel tubes.


    The product portfolio includes:

    • Welded cold drawn precision steel tubes
      (EN 10305-2)
    • Welded cold sized tubes (EN 10305-3)
    • Welded cold sized square and rectangular tubes (EN 10305-5)

    Chassis : Automotive applications

    Mubea Präzisionsstahlrohre halten in der Spur

    Mubea precision steel tubes keep you on track

    Chassis applications place high demands on steel tubes: high dynamic loads and safety-critical functions. Our products can be relied upon to handle these challenges with the lowest possible weight. High-tensile materials, such as 34MnB5 or 26MnB5, and high basic material purity provide the basis for this. By working with you, we can further increase your profitability: in many cases, Mubea precision steel tubes can be used as substitutes for cold drawn products.


    Examples of use:

    • Stabilizer bars
    • Shock absorber tubes
    • Steering shafts

    Body / interior : Automotive applications

    Sicherheit durch Präzision

    Safety through precision

    Drawing on the application expertise of the Mubea Group, we are able to develop lightweight solutions to meet the highest crash performance requirements. We use heat treatable steels and our own process innovations to manufacture tubes with variable wall thicknesses.


    Examples of use:

    • Door intrusion beams, tubular door beams
    • Seat frames
    • Belt pretensioners


    Powertrain : Automotive applications

    Zuverlässig Leistung übertragen

    Reliable power transmission

    We work with you to find the right solution for powertrain applications. High levels of torsional stress or extremely tight finish, form, and position tolerances – our precision steel tubes are the idea basis for your products. With high-tensile materials (e.g., 34MnB5 or 26MnB5) and optimal basic material purity,  they can also be used as a replacement for cold drawn tubes.


    Examples of use:

    • Assembled camshafts
    • Cardan shafts, intermediate shafts

    Cold drawn special profiles : Automotive applications

    Kaltgezogene Sonderprofile

    Precision forming

    Using tools developed and manufactured in house, we produce cold drawn tubes (EN10305-2) with external or internal profiles (also available in combination). By using thick walled tubes, we minimize the number of drawing operations required, so that you avoid the need for expensive processes such as cold extrusion. And thanks to our comprehensive 3D measuring technology, you do not have to compromise on the customary level of precision, even with the tightest form and position tolerances.


    Examples of use:

    • Steering wheel adjustment mechanisms
    • Steering wheel locks/detent wheel

    Tailored Tubes : Automotive applications

    Der Leichtbauspezialist unter den Stahlrohren

    The lightweight construction specialist for steel tubes

    We have developed a new class of tubular steel products for you that meet the highest requirements for lightweight construction. Variable tube thicknesses with a constant outer diameter mean you can make the best possible use of materials: material only where it is needed – and not a gram more than required.


    Two process technologies are available to us for this purpose:

    • TRT (Tailor Rolled Tubes): steel tubes produced from a flexibly rolled cold rolled strip, exclusively from Mubea
    • TDT (Tailor Drawn Tubes): flexibly drawn steel tubes produced from welded steel tubing with a constant wall thickness

    Variety in precision steel tubes : Nonautomotive applications

     Mubea Präzisionsstahlrohre

    Our goal: to provide the best technological and most cost-effective solution to suit your specific requirements

    Our steel tubes for nonautomotive applications all have two things in common – extremely tight tolerances and consistently high quality. Everything else is up to you! Our extensive portfolio of products and expertise is central to our tailor-made solutions to satisfy your requirements.

    • Optimal finishes for high pressure requirements, such as for both standard and designer radiators
    • High degree of straightness and optimal finishes – for office furniture lifting columns, for example
    • Extremely tight form and position tolerances for applications including textile machinery and weaving looms

    Boost your profitability by replacing cold drawn steel tubes with our precision products and avoid the need for pretreatment processes. 

    • Thin walled tubes with punched holes for applications including powertrains and shutters 
    • Ultrasonic inspection in the event of high pressure requirements – for hydraulic high pressure hoses, for example
    • Swiss gloss quality, exhibiting low roughness and chrome plating without grinding – applications include office furniture and shop fittings

    Where our precision steel tubes are developed and manufactured : Locations