Separating Springs for Wet Clutch Systems


Combining the functions of piston return and drag torque reduction


  • Active separation of discs in wet AT clutches
  • Active return of piston during clutch disengagement
  • Uniform separation of discs due to minimum load tolerances below ± 10 %
  • Reduction of installation space


  • Innovative production process for highly stressed springs with minimal required space
  • Raw material from wound and welded flat wire
  • Elimination of piston return spring


  • Reduction of drag torque of disengaged clutch by >40 % and more
  • Reduction of CO2-emissions of >0,5g/km (NEDC)
  • Potential installation space reduction by up to 8 % due to elimination of piston return spring and damping spring
  • Compact design with simultaneous increase in efficiency