Duales Studium (co-operative university degree)

Welcome to your future!

"Duales Studium": the model for success

The University of Siegen, in cooperation with IHK (chamber of commerce and industry) and enterprises in the industry have been offering “Duales Studium” since the winter semester 2001/2002. As a partner in this process, Mubea has supported this new way of combining theory and practice, currently helping many young people on the road to promising future.

There are two areas of study to choose from:

  • Mechanical engineering - focusing on construction
  • Electrical engineering – focusing on automation Technology
  • Computer science

A general qualification for entrance to higher education (Abitur, Baccalaureat, A Levels), or a technical qualification for entrance to higher education with an additional aptitude test is required.

An interest in mathematics, science and technology is also desirable, along with the ability to work well with your hands.

Students will be able to work with Mubea from the beginning of their studies, studying throughout the semester, while completing their practical and work experience requirements during lecture free periods. In a course lasting 7 semesters, they will obtain approximately 70 weeks of practical operational training. Between training and study, students will also receive a total of 12 weeks holiday.

The course provides a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) qualification.

This contractual agreement with Mubea provides students with financial independence throughout their studies, and a secure step up into their career following the completion of their studies.